Saturday, 18 April 2015

People Counting - For what?!

Yes! We are doing people counting system - a system that counts the number of people in a particular location and generate reports based on the data collected.

So why do we people count?
- To calculate the amount of human traffic in a particular location.

However, our system do not just count! It is more than just counting. It collects the data, analyse and generate reports on the human traffic by the year, month, day and hour.

You may ask - what can I do with the reports generated?
- Based on the reports, you can see the trend by the hour, day, month and year, and take the appropriate actions.
- Come up with marketing campaigns/promotions and measure their effectiveness.
- Efficiently plan and allocate marketing budget with the generated reports and data.
- Accurately plan and allocate sufficient manpower for different time slots.
- Calculate human traffic to sales conversion rates.

Together with our solution partner, Ganz, we would like to introduce to you all our people tracking & counting solution.

Not only you can do people counting, report generation and data analysis with our solution, it is cost effective and expandable, able to add many other features like security alerts, integration with POS system and etc.

Feel free to contact us at +65 6100 1323 for a non-obligatory meeting to find out what other wonders can people counting system do for you! ;)

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